The benefits of living under a thatched roof

We’ve all seen the chocolate box photo of the little thatched cottage, covered in roses with a white picket fence and cottage garden – lovely. But what’s it actually like to live in a thatched property?

Thatch is a well known insulator, not just against the extremes of hot and cold, but noise. That’s the first thing that strikes many thatched owners when they move in especially if they also have double glazing. A thatched house can be incredibly quiet inside as sound is absorbed into the straw or reed fibres.

In the summer, when concrete and slate roofs are cooking up, the underside of a thatch remains constant. Likewise in the winter, heat remains held under the cavity created by trapped air space.

long wheat straw

Thatch roofing is also a renewable and natural building material, apart from a few fixings the materials have remained the same for hundreds of years. As long as the netting remains in tact you can enjoy decades of thatched life and when it is time to renew rest assured that the final job will attract folk from all around the area who want to see a very old tradition at work.

Nigel Stevenson