Thatchers in Tonbridge

Looking for thatched roof repairs from experienced, accredited thatchers in Tonbridge? Padfield Thatchers are happy to pay you a visit remotely or on site using strict Covid safety.

There are many Grade II listed buildings in the Tonbridge area, the most attractive of them are thatched properties, keep the character thatched cottage look in Kent alive.

Most people associate thatched roofs with rural period cottages, however thatched roofs are still being used in the design of some properties, especially in conservation areas where traditionally designed property is more acceptable to developers and authorities.

Thatched roofing to property dates back to the prehistoric period of history, it is a surprise how little the average homeowner knows about thatched property and out-buildings.

If you would like us to look a property over in the Tonbridge area prior to purchase, give us a call.

Thatchers in Tonbridge