Thatching Services East Sussex

Thatching Services

Thatching can be an exacting craft and Padfields have the experience of working with a number of different materials such as wheatreed, waterreed and long straw, these will ensure that your roof will have a covering that will be long lasting and beautiful. Give us a call on 01843 823 157 for a free quote for roof re-thatching  or any thatching services East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Repairs and Patching
A thatched roof will always suffer from some wear and tear usually the result of the weather or wildlife. As with the old saying “A stitch in time saves nine” the same can be said of minor repairs.  Simple re- patching will prolong the life of your roof and save you the inconvenience of a full reconstruction.

The ridging along the top of your roof covering is probably the single most important element to keeping the whole structure of your home water tight.  The ridge if not maintained properly can be very expensive to replace along with the damage created by its deterioration.  The ridge or cap is made from a tight weave that prevents water intrusion and is usually decorated to enhance the thatch

Wheatreed Thatching Services East Sussex, Surrey and Kent
Whether complete or partial it will be one of the biggest jobs that you will have done to your property and it is important that you use a company like us with all of the necessary experience. We are able to use a range of materials from long straw to water reed or heather, or if you need Wheatreed Thatchers East Sussex, Surrey or Kent, we are here for you.

The wire prevents birds from wrecking your thatch to provide nesting material and it is important that it is replaced every 10 – 15 years?

Extensions and new roofs.
Padfields have all of the necessary skills to seamlessly join new extensions to existing thatches as well as create completely new roofs from scratch

Chimney rebuilds or pointing
We can rebuild chimneys, replacement of lead flashing or reinstate the pointing with a sand/white cement gauge mortar.

Structural repairs
We have plenty of experience with both major and minor structural roof repairs.

Padfields will offer advice and guidance on behalf of home owners for insurance or mortgage purposes.

Roof Re-Thatching East Sussex

Łukasz Piotrowski, working on a cottage in Great Mongeham, Kent

Wheatreed Thatching Services East Sussex | Waterreed Thatchers Surrey

Ross Chapman tidying up with a thatchers leggett